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Commercial Ice Cream Scoop In The Comfort Of Your Home

My kids always love watching a soda jerk prepare their favorite ice cream soda. You can always feel their amazement as the soda jerk scoops perfect balls of ice cream one on top of each other. I guess there is something magical about the whole act of scooping ice cream. While there are people who will use an ordinary spoon to scoop ice cream, with some even slicing whole cartons of ice creams in portions, I would still stick to my reliable ice cream scoop.

Now, there are a variety of commercial-grade ice cream scoops made of different materials and which come in different designs, so there are plenty of types of ice cream scoops to choose from.

There is the original ice cream scooper that remains true to the vintage designs of George William Clewell, Alfred L. Cralle, and Frank Hayden composed of a scoop and a mechanism with which to remove or scrape the ice cream off the scoop. They were called dishers because it approximated one serving size dish. And the name has stuck ever since. Clewell invented the first ice cream scoop and improved on by Cralle by adding an innovative release lever on the handle allowing it to be operated with just one hand. However, the hemispherical shape that provides the perfect balls of scooped ice cream was introduced by Hayden. For me, these three men epitomized what the American spirit of invention and innovation really is. That is why I am a sucker for these types of commercial ice scoops. Unfortunately, you wont see the original anymore. The closest ice cream scoop I have to the original is the SuperEze ice cream scoop. Ive read some of the best ice cream scooper reviews ever about this product.

There are also ice cream scoops that are made of a single, unitary piece with no mechanical parts. Its like an oversized spoon with a very heavy and thick face. The handle is like that of a hammer for improved grip. Some are designed with a heat-conductive fluid inside the handle supposedly to transfer heat from your hands to the metal. This allows you to scoop ice cream without running the ice cream scoop under running hot water. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily so especially if you are having a really hard ice cream block.

Scoops come in a variety of materials from plastic scoops, aluminum scoops, to stainless steel ice cream scoops. I dont go with plastic ice cream scoops and I wont be recommending them for the obvious reason that they look cheap. Additionally, they do not last that long and can crack on the frozen ice cream. I dont like aluminum ice cream scoops either even if it says it is anodized or coated. It is never dishwasher safe. Additionally, aluminum ice cream scoopers can leach chemicals into the atmosphere as well as the food that I eat simply because the coating can degrade over time. I prefer stainless steel such as that in my trusty SuperEze ice cream scooper. It is very durable and dishwasher safe. Furthermore, I wont have to worry about chemicals leaching into the environment.

There are plenty of ice cream scoopers for sale but nothing comes close to the commercial quality of SuperEze. Thats why my friends also have it in their homes.


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