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Buying A Waffle Maker - Superb Waffles Every Time

Any conversation about breakfast time is going to contain a reference to waffles. Restaurants and more recently major fast food outlets, have waffles on the menu throughout the day. The sweet smell of a recently baked waffle, or the aroma that emenates from around aA still-cooking waffle at any time of the day can induce a feeling of hunger in any unsuspecting passer-by. Light, airy and appetizingly sweet - who can resist?

Certainly some restaurants have queues of people throughout the day not just at breakfast periods. The flavors that can be encapsulated in a typical waffle make it suitable for a dessert or an anytime-of-day sweet snack.

Breakfast waffles in the family home are fast becoming an institution. They are a perfect alternative to other well established breakfast favorites and easy to make with the right equipment.

Domestic and professional waffle maker machines are now widely available from a multitude of manufacturers and suppliers. A quick search on the internet for 'best waffle makers' will bring up examples such as the 'Presto 03510 Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker Review' shown here:

Presto are only one of many manufacturers such as Cuisinart, Oster, All-Clad and Conair, who offer a wide range of models with numerous and varying features. When looking in the market place, it is important to seek out those manufacturers who have built up a good and lasting reputation in the waffle maker market. To do this got to the website of suppliers such as, or other large online retailer and look at the customer reviews for the particular product you have in mind. These will possibly vary for one star to five stars for that product, but will definitely demonstrate real people's views on they found it worked in their own kitchen.

Points to look for in a good waffle maker:

1.The best waffle makers will have cast iron plates (preferably non-stick) within a stainless steel casing and will be designed to look good in a modern kitchen as well as to produce the very best waffles.

2.Does it have only basic controls such as simple on/off switch, on/off indicator, fixed cooking temperature and mechanical timer. These can be good value for money, basic appliances when on a limited budget.

3.Does it have more sophisticated controls that include variable temperature control, indicators for when it has reached the desired temperature for cooking and completion of cooking time? As you go up any manufacturers range you will find more use of technology to augment the monitoring and control function with digit LED displays which give you more command of the baking process.

4.Does it come with a full and extensive warranty? These will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and supplier to supplier.

5. Do not forget the storage space needed in your kitchen, so double check the size, weight and portability before you actually purchase your chosen waffle maker.

All of the above points will help you in your quest for the right waffle maker for you. If you require further information on any waffle machine mentioned in this article, please visit the 'Best Waffle Makers' website at


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