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3 Of Most Neglected Areas Of Your Restuarant That You Should Clean

Let's be honest if you own a restaurant or work at one then I'm sure you will agree that cleaning is not really at the top of everyone's list. However, it is very essential for many reasons. The most obvious problem that having a dirty restaurant can cause is issues regarding the health department, no one wants to experience that. But there are also other reasons why having a clean restaurant is very important and some might say actually more important than pleasing the health department. It is one that is quite high on the list of reasons and has to do with impressions. What do customers think when I walk into the restaurant. This is a very important point because if someone does not feel good when they walk into a restaurant then they definitely are not going to come back. At the end of the day, it's the customer who pays the bills.

Following are 3 areas that are typically always neglected in restaurants,

Can openers - one of the biggest causes of cross-contamination inside a restaurant is can openers. They are all used to open countless different kinds of foods some raw and some cooked. What happens is when the can opener is used to open something like raw food, for example, germs from that raw food stay on the can opener and the next time the can opener is used, those germs are transferred onto the next type of food. Always clean these in the dishwasher.

Menus - if you think about a menu inside a restaurant, they are all held and touched by every single customer who walks inside. Menus are never cleaned. They need to be wiped down every day, preferably twice a day, with a sanitizer.

Floors - the floor is one of the most neglected parts of a restaurant. People clean them however they still have a lot of germs. By simply mopping a floor with some water and a cleaning solution does not mean that the floor is clean. The best way to remove germs off the floor is to use microfiber mops. The best thing about microfiber mops is that they do not need chemicals in order to do their job either. So, they are going to be saving money and at the same time, they're going to be ensuring that your floor is germ-free and chemical-free. For more info, Click here