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5 Vegetarian Products To Avoid

Let's face it, as much as you may think vegetarians eat healthy, there can be some rotten apples when it comes to their eating habits that are not good for the body. By rotten apples, we mean processed foods which have a high number of calories. However, the problem is not always in the calories, in fact, some low calorie vegetarian products may also be an unhealthy treat for the body. The only way vegetarian products should be consumed is when they consist of homemade fresh ingredients without any processing. To help you consume nothing but 100% healthy vegetarian products, we are listing the unhealthy vegetarian products and processed foods you should avoid at all cost.

1. Vegetarian Products Processed With Soy

Soy is commonly used in vegetarian products in order to replicate the texture and appearance of meat. However, the textured soy that is used is quite unhealthy. As one of the many genetically modified products (GMOs), soy can be a tough substance to digest for many vegetarians. Therefore, you should keep in mind that foods processed with soy can be genetically modified and according to studies, about 94% of them actually are.

2. Processed Veggie Burgers

If you are relatively new to vegetarianism or want to try delicious, veggie meat patties between two buns, make sure to use a homemade recipe with mushrooms, grains and beans rather than buying processed veggie burgers. The truth is, most of the store-bought veggie burgers often contain chemicals, additives, preservatives and GMOs in them.

3. Canola Or Soy Butter Substitutes

There are tons of butter substitutes that contain soybean oil. These are great tasting vegan options, but the reality is that just like soy and veggie burgers, they can be genetically modified. Since canola oils come from rapeseed plants, they are quite inexpensive to harvest and can be manipulated when in production. There have been cases of false advertising with many of these types of products. Just because it says organic and GMO free doesn't mean it is, unfortunately.

4. Cheese

Yes, cheese is a favorite in most households and is a highly consumed food among vegetarians. Vegetarians quite often use cheese in the place of meat which causes them to use it even more than most meat eaters! Cheese is very unhealthy and unfit for the digestive system It clogs up the intestines and is one of the hardest foods to break down and digest. There are many reasons why cheese may be worse for your body than meat itself! If you're loading up on cheese in place of meat, you may want to consider a change in your diet, it could save you from serious health conditions later on.

5. Chips And Junk Food

These junk foods should be a no-no to not only vegetarians, but every person who cares about their health. The marketing game is strong with chips and similar products, being labeled as 'vegetarian-friendly' just to make them sound better. Unfortunately, chips and other junk foods contain unhealthy fats, are high in calories and play a crucial role in the epidemic of obesity. Since they have little fiber, they are a non-filling food, and are far beyond your daily need for fat and calories.

We hope this mini guide of ours helped you avoid the worst labeled vegetarian products!


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