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10 Things To Flavour Your Coffee

There are times when we can't help but go beyond milk and sugar. A lot of coffee lovers and coffee drinkers alike enjoy a spiced up cup of coffee, whether it's brewed or just the ordinary instant coffee mix. Here are the best spices that you can add to your coffee anytime anywhere.

Seriously YES! A dash of natural saltnever go for the typical iodized table saltlike rock salt, sea salt or Himalayan salt with your coffee grounds for a cold brew is a perfect way of balancing the bitterness of the coffee.

Sprinkling a pinch of cardamom seeds can really give you a unique coffee taste. This popular mix in the Middle East, that you sure will love. Especially for health nuts out there, you will not only enjoy a great tasting cup of brewed coffee but also improved blood circulation and a great supply of fiber to your drink.

This spice is a great way of adding a kick to your cup of bitterness. Paprika adds a pang of taste that's lovable and hard to forget. A dash of paprika will surely give your taste buds the delightful spicy smoothness to your drink.

It may be an unusual alternative to cream, milk or coffee creamer but coconut milk has a distinct taste that really goes well with a cup of coffee. Adding a stick of vanilla or a drop of vanilla extract is surely a great way of enjoying your non-dairy cup of coffee.

My favorite recipe is coconut milk latte, and you can make that without an espresso machine. So please, don't use the excuse that you don't own one. You have everything you need.

Who knew?! We've loved soda with vanilla ice cream floating on top, who wouldn't love coffee with ice cream? Ice cream is in a sense cold milk but the unique taste and creaminess that ice cream offers really add a great creamy texture to your iced cup of coffee.

Sounds unusual? Not in Scandinavia. Egg gives a more creamy flavor and it really pulls the taste of coffee together. It creates a smoothness to it that's pretty unique to the taste.

A teaspoon or two of ginger powder or a slice of ginger would bring a kick of spice to our cup of coffee. It's a more exotic touch to a coffee that really does offer a great kick to our cup of coffee.

A touch of nutmeg would add a gentle earthy taste to your cup of coffee. Personally, it's a great flavor as compared to a dark roast. A medium roast cup of coffee plus a dash of nutmeg will surely give you a more flavorful touch that a charcoally dark roast flavor.

Star Anise has a unique earthy flavor and aroma, but be careful. It's a pretty strong spice so dropping just a small cut of star anise in your cup of coffee would do the trick.

Nutty flavors practically go well everything, don't you think? Almond oil, hazelnut oil, and other nutty flavors are a wonderful touch to your coffee especially if you're craving for other tastes.

To be honest, a minty coffee is a really addicting kick of flavor to add to your coffee. Having a cup of coffee with peppermint or spearmint really gives coffee a more unique and heightened flavor of coffee that you'll love to have from time to time.


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