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Buying A Waffle Maker - Superb Waffles Every Time

Any conversation about breakfast time is going to contain a reference to waffles. Restaurants and more recently major fast food outlets, have waffles on the menu throughout the day. The sweet smell of a recently baked waffle, or the aroma that emenates from around aA still-cooking waffle at any time of the day can induce a feeling of hunger in any unsuspecting passer-by. Light, airy and appetizingly sweet - who can resist?

Certainly some restaurants have queues of people throughout the day not just at breakfast periods. The flavors that can be encapsulated in a typical waffle make it suitable for a dessert or an anytime-of-day sweet snack.

Breakfast waffles in the family home are fast becoming an institution. They are a perfect alternative to other well established breakfast favorites and easy to make with the right equipment.

Domestic and professional waffle maker machines are now widely available from a multitude of manufacturers and suppliers. A quick search on the internet for 'best waffle makers' will bring up examples such as the 'Presto 03510 Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker Review' shown here:

Presto are only one of many manufacturers such as Cuisinart, Oster, All-Clad and Conair, who offer a wide range of models with numerous and varying features. When looking in the market place, it is important to seek out those manufacturers who have built up a good and lasting reputation in the waffle maker market. To do this got to the website of suppliers such as, or other large online retailer and look at the customer reviews for the particular product you have in mind. These will possibly vary for one star to five stars for that product, but will definitely demonstrate real people's views on they found it worked in their own kitchen.

Points to look for in a good waffle maker:

1.The best waffle makers will have cast iron plates (preferably non-stick) within a stainless steel casing and will be designed to look good in a modern kitchen as well as to produce the very best waffles.

2.Does it have only basic controls such as simple on/off switch, on/off indicator, fixed cooking temperature and mechanical timer. These can be good value for money, basic appliances when on a limited budget.

3.Does it have more sophisticated controls that include variable temperature control, indicators for when it has reached the desired temperature for cooking and completion of cooking time? As you go up any manufacturers range you will find more use of technology to augment the monitoring and control function with digit LED displays which give you more command of the baking process.

4.Does it come with a full and extensive warranty? These will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and supplier to supplier.

5. Do not forget the storage space needed in your kitchen, so double check the size, weight and portability before you actually purchase your chosen waffle maker.

All of the above points will help you in your quest for the right waffle maker for you. If you require further information on any waffle machine mentioned in this article, please visit the 'Best Waffle Makers' website at

5 Reasons To Buy A Halogen Oven

The first reason to buy a halogen oven is that it will cook frozen to ready to eat food on your plate in less time than a standard electric oven and be better quality than you would get from a microwave oven.

Perhaps you want to cook a fourteen pound turkey. With a halogen oven, you could take a frozen bird out of the freezer, place it on the one inch rack of the halogen oven and baste it with olive oil. You might want to cover it loosely with tin foil and then set the temperature and timer (for two hours) and then just walk away. You will need to check the turkey to see if it is cooked through after the time is up and if not add another some more time.

Cooking a turkey in a halogen oven is a lot easier and less time consuming than if you put it in a standard electric oven. Plus, the turkey meat will be moist and tender. No more dried turkey meat jokes from your family!

The second reason to buy a halogen oven is that you will have more kitchen counter space. There will still be room for preparing other dishes or cooking them in the regular oven. No more waiting for the turkey to be done before you can cook anything else. This is particularly important if you are cooking for a large crowd.

The third reason is that clean-up is a breeze. If you use a cooking spray on the glass bowl, clean-up will be even easier. The bowl and racks can be hand washed in hot soapy water or they can be washed in the dishwasher.

The fourth reason is that what you cook in a regular oven you can cook in a halogen oven. Unlike a microwave oven you can use all your oven dishes that are made of stoneware, stainless steel or aluminum. And unlike a microwave oven your food will be cooked evenly.

The fifth and most important reason is that a halogen oven is cheaper than a dual oven. They may be awesome to have in your kitchen but they arent going to cost under a hundred dollars. In fact you will probably pay thousands for a good one. With a halogen oven you will get the same results but you will also save on electricity since they use less energy.

These are all great reasons for having a halogen oven in the kitchen. But most of all, they produce well cooked food that isnt dried out, has a lots of flavor and doesnt require a lot of preparing of the food. In fact you can take frozen meat right from the freezer to the oven and have it cooked in only a few minutes. It is the perfect solution for all those busy people who want a home cooked meal but often dont have the time.

Commercial Ice Cream Scoop In The Comfort Of Your Home

My kids always love watching a soda jerk prepare their favorite ice cream soda. You can always feel their amazement as the soda jerk scoops perfect balls of ice cream one on top of each other. I guess there is something magical about the whole act of scooping ice cream. While there are people who will use an ordinary spoon to scoop ice cream, with some even slicing whole cartons of ice creams in portions, I would still stick to my reliable ice cream scoop.

Now, there are a variety of commercial-grade ice cream scoops made of different materials and which come in different designs, so there are plenty of types of ice cream scoops to choose from.

There is the original ice cream scooper that remains true to the vintage designs of George William Clewell, Alfred L. Cralle, and Frank Hayden composed of a scoop and a mechanism with which to remove or scrape the ice cream off the scoop. They were called dishers because it approximated one serving size dish. And the name has stuck ever since. Clewell invented the first ice cream scoop and improved on by Cralle by adding an innovative release lever on the handle allowing it to be operated with just one hand. However, the hemispherical shape that provides the perfect balls of scooped ice cream was introduced by Hayden. For me, these three men epitomized what the American spirit of invention and innovation really is. That is why I am a sucker for these types of commercial ice scoops. Unfortunately, you wont see the original anymore. The closest ice cream scoop I have to the original is the SuperEze ice cream scoop. Ive read some of the best ice cream scooper reviews ever about this product.

There are also ice cream scoops that are made of a single, unitary piece with no mechanical parts. Its like an oversized spoon with a very heavy and thick face. The handle is like that of a hammer for improved grip. Some are designed with a heat-conductive fluid inside the handle supposedly to transfer heat from your hands to the metal. This allows you to scoop ice cream without running the ice cream scoop under running hot water. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily so especially if you are having a really hard ice cream block.

Scoops come in a variety of materials from plastic scoops, aluminum scoops, to stainless steel ice cream scoops. I dont go with plastic ice cream scoops and I wont be recommending them for the obvious reason that they look cheap. Additionally, they do not last that long and can crack on the frozen ice cream. I dont like aluminum ice cream scoops either even if it says it is anodized or coated. It is never dishwasher safe. Additionally, aluminum ice cream scoopers can leach chemicals into the atmosphere as well as the food that I eat simply because the coating can degrade over time. I prefer stainless steel such as that in my trusty SuperEze ice cream scooper. It is very durable and dishwasher safe. Furthermore, I wont have to worry about chemicals leaching into the environment.

There are plenty of ice cream scoopers for sale but nothing comes close to the commercial quality of SuperEze. Thats why my friends also have it in their homes.

Best Kitchen Utensils You Cannot Live Without

Every kitchen contains its own collection of gadgets and tools that will make food preparation easy and fun. The kitchen has undergone a total transformation during the 20th century at the time when modern technological innovation invented kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, stove, oven, and many others. Together with those new kitchen aids, the utensils also went through improvements in terms of quality, material, style, size and shape. Over time, there was the invention of electric appliances, various other modern gadgets, utensils and accessories have found their way into our kitchen.


These days, a modern kitchen comes with several appliances such as the microwave, toaster, mixer-grinder, sandwich maker, refrigerator, stove top, oven, griller and many others that meet with the demands of our work schedule and modern way of living. In fact, some countries have homes that come pre-fitted with several of these essential tools when they are marketed to prospective buyers.

But while many people no longer consider these home appliances as luxury items but as essentials to make cooking an easy and pleasurable process, there are also plenty of basic tools that are extremely vital for a modern kitchen. One great example of this is the cheese grater.


A grater is designed to shred or sliver cheese without difficulty. It is available in many different styles, but many use the one that has sharp holes in which the cheese is pushed through. A cheese grater is generally made out of metal, such as stainless steel, and you can buy a cheese grater on Amazon , at a kitchen supply stores and other online shops at affordable prices.


Grating your very own cheese makes your food much more delicious compared to using the pre-grated cheese that you see in the store. If you have tried it before, you will know what I am talking about. Newly grated cheese has a uniquely different texture and melts faster than the pre-grated cheese in a bag.


Because of the modern times, electric graters are also available in the market. Imagine that you are making pizza or lasagna for a big party at home. Grating cheese manually can be quite a tedious job for you. Therefore, an electric cheese grater is the perfect solution for you.


There is a huge number of individuals who purely enjoy eating cheese regardless of their age. A lot of people love cheese or cheese flakes on their food. If you are one of those cheese lovers, then a cheese grater is the right partner for all those cheese.